Brora Triptych Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Vol 3x50cl

A truly special, once in a generation release to mark the momentous reopening of the mystical distillery 36 years after it closed. This type of bottling is so rare and special, with only 300 sets released, it is a genuine piece of history and art from one of Scotland’s most fabled distilleries. A release of this kind will not be possible to replicate for another half century, or at least the year 2070. Brora Triptych is a truly special one – assembling a set of the three eras that epitomise Brora. Each liquid a celebration of restoration and an ode to the rare characteristics that define Brora whisky; waxy, peated and earthy. A collection of three vintages that define Brora never before released at once, this is a true collector’s piece.

ELUSIVE LEGACY (42.8%): A rare style from casks of 1972, this whisky represents an earthy expression, only created in short periods throughout the distillery's history. This fleeting icon has grown to becoming a defining character from Brora.

AGE OF PEAT (48.6%): Brora's Age Of Peat, between 1972-1980 saw peating levels rise to meet soaring demand for blended whiskies. Highland whiskies were not renowned for their high levels of peat at this time. Today we celebrate these whiskies in their own right, with an expression drawn from casks of 1977.

TIMELESS ORIGINAL (47.5%): This expression is from limited stocks of 1982 and represents the distinct waxiness that made Brora famous. Returning to lower peating levels, reflective of Brora whisky before the age of peat, this signature style allows Brora's waxy character to truly sing.

Tasting Notes


Elusive Legacy: Warm chestnut in colour

Age Of Peat: Intensely deep and golden

Timeless Original: Glowing yellow gold in hue


Elusive Legacy: A strong aroma blends wood spice with hints of peach tarte Tatin

Age Of Peat: This expression is elegant on the nose with creamy vanilla invigorated by freshly cut green apples and hints of beeswax

Timeless Original: Sherberty lemon peel, and a touch of fresh green grass dance on the nose


Elusive Legacy: The taste takes off amidst a powerful rich maltiness, notes of Serrano ham, menthol and tobacco adding an intense complexity

Age Of Peat: A sweetness washes over the palate, before a wave of wood spice and ginger cake unfolds

Timeless Original: Wood spice is gently revealed on the palate, whilst a mouthcoating waxiness is punctuated by hints of citronella


Elusive Legacy: The flavours give way to pervasive sichuan chilli pepper, before a wisp of dry coal smoke lingers long after the finish

Age Of Peat: Finally a long, sweet finish of peat-fires smokiness blooms in intensity

Timeless Original: Its graceful sweetness continues into the finish, with just a hint of lingering gunpowder smokiness