Mortlach Midnight Malt: 30-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

70cl / ABV: 49.1%

The pinnacle of the Mortlach portfolio, this is the boldest, richest and darkest of our malts. A rich, deep, dark whisky to savour slowly in the darker hours.


When day transcends to night, as light changes and shadows emerge, senses are heightened, conversations take an intriguing twist and the deepest darkest secrets are revealed. Mortlach Midnight Malt captures the intensity of this moment; a rare & magnetic invitation into the boldest, deepest and most intriguing expression of our malt. Finely aged 30 years, unexpected layers of richness and intensity emerge from a three-cask finish of bold provenance, Bordeaux wine, Calvados and Guatemalan rum, luring you into Speyside’s darker side.


Limited release of just 350 bottles annually.


“A splendid example of Mortlach, this has tell-tale savoury/meaty notes yet retains a freshness that is unusual for a whisky of this age.”

Charles MacLean

Tasting Notes


Old gold, dull amber. Excellent beading.


A mellow nose with some initial prickle. This settles in time to reveal a savoury and faintly herbal top note, suggesting pork crackling sprinkled with dry sage. Beneath lies a deeper, more vinous note with intriguing and rich notes of dark rum, toffee brittle and drying traces of chocolate. 




A richly winey, apple fruity and mouth-watering start delights the palate, backed by a long spicy intensity with a delicious black pepper note that really persists.


Long, sweet, and deep-flavoured with a light peppery spiciness. With water, still sweet and softer, with the spicy heat joined by a suggestions of mint chocolate in the lingering aftertaste.